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Shot Talk from Crossman

Airguns defined!

A device specifically designed to discharge a projectile (BB, pellet, dart) by means of energy released by compressed air, compressed gas, or mechanical spring-piston action.

1) The diameter of the bore of a gun. 2) The compatible projectile intended for use with that bore size.

CO2 Power
Carbon dioxide. A propellant in which the energy source is obtained from compressed carbon dioxide gas.

Feet per second. A unit of measurement to determine how fast a projectile is traveling (velocity).

A propulsion system in which compressed air is stored under pressure and when released provides the energy to propel the projectile. A pneumatic gun normally has a pump system to provide compressed air.

A Primer on Ammo
The gun is only as good as the quality of the ammo it shoots.

Selecting the right ammo is important to get the best results for the type of shooting you're planning to do. Here are some basic facts about the country's most popular brand of airgun ammo, Copperhead®.

The basic shot for plinking or competition. Copperhead BBs are the world's roundest for maximum accuracy; copper coated.

The proven shape for optimum performance with paper targets. It cuts a clean hole for easier scoring. This is a basic pellet with good barrel fit, ideal for plinking.

Super Match
Top of the line wadcutter with consistently high accuracy. Tooled for superior flight. Good choice for experienced target shooters with high performance requirements.

Designed for long range penetration. This is the pellet to use for pest control or field hunting.

Aerodynamic, rounded shape decreases wind resistance for downrange energy and accuracy as well as increased velocity. This is a superior all around selection.

A world class domed pellet with such exceptional accuracy that it is the ammo with the most wins at major field target shooting events. Every packaged group is formed from a single set of tools for consistency, then hand packed to minimize loss of profile integrity.

Adds a new dimension to airgun fun ... suitable for pistols or rifles, BB and/or pellet guns.

Powerlet® Gas Cylinders
Leak resistant, dependable, industry standard gas capsule for all CO2 guns.

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