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Airsoft guns are replica firearms that fire spherical projectiles. Airsoft guns are classified as toys, although rumors persist that these guns can be modified to kill. These rumors, however, have no factual basis. Airsoft also refers to a game (similar to paintball) that is played with these guns. There are currently three types of airsoft guns available: spring powered, electric powered, and gas powered.

Spring powered airsoft guns use a highly tensile spring to launch the projectile. Electric powered ones use rechargeable batteries to drive an electric motor. Gas powered airsoft guns use pressurized gas, most commonly propane. Airsoft guns fire pellets, which are usually six millimeters in diameter and typically made of plastic.

Airsoft also refers to a game that involves the simulation of military or law enforcement-style combat. This game, although it is less well known, has existed longer than paintball. Airsoft is wildly popular in Asia, where paintball is hardly played at all. When playing airsoft, eye protection is absolutely necessary, and many recommend head protection as well to guard the ears and mouth. Airsoft pellets can cause minor bruising, but if players are wearing multiple layers of clothing, they may not know they’ve even been hit. It should also be noted that airsoft guns are illegal in New York. They are legal in Michigan, but certain restrictions may apply.

The Outdoor World is a long-time airsoft retailer in the United States. We carry a number of airsoft models, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. We also carry ammunition for these guns. In addition to airsoft guns, The Outdoor World also carries BB guns.

Buy Air Soft Guns Products

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