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The Ben Davis Company is known for its tough brand of work wear. Sometimes referred to as “The King Kong of Work Clothing,” the Ben Davis Company was founded in 1935 by Jacob Davis. Jacob, who collaborated in his early years with Levi Strauss, patented the copper rivet in 1873. Jacob used rivets, which were originally designed for use on horse blankets, to reinforce the pockets the jeans he made for working men, men that made a habit of putting tools and such in their pocket, thus ripping off the pockets and destroying the pants in the process. It was this invention that helped launch the Levi Strauss brand and spurred the Davis family business that has lasted over 70 years!

As interesting as the history of the Ben Davis family is, nothing compares to the quality of work and durability of the Davis name, or Ben Davis pants. When you purchase a pair of Ben Davis pants from Outdoor World make sure you take a few minutes to notice the quality of the stitching, the Ben Davis reinforced waistband, the security of the snaps, and the weight of the fabric. The attention to detail is like no other! As you open your box of Ben Davis pants notice the tag tucked into the pocket which includes the words genuine, U.S.A. made, and plenty tough. And yes, the world’s coolest mascot a smiling ape.

The Ben Davis pants you order from Outdoor World are a staple of our American history. Though the fit, the quality, and the ape, have not changed in over 70 years, one thing has changed – the demand for the long wearing solid construction of Ben Davis pants. The Poly/Cotton heavy weight Twill comes in black, brown, charcoal, khaki, olive, sand, and navy. Unchanged by time and as “plenty tough” as it was over 70 years ago, the Ben Davis Company is a thriving manufacturer of work wear.

Buy Ben Davis Work Pants