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Wherever you’re camping, whether it’s at a designated campground or deep in uncharted wilderness, you’ll be cut off from civilization. This, of course, is part of the attraction of camping: getting away from it all. There’s peace and quiet in getting back to nature, but there’s a downside, as well. In the case of emergencies, you’re cut off from help. That’s why any time you’re camping or hiking, it’s imperative that you have a quality camping first aid kit.

The Outdoor World is your camping and outdoors superstore. We carry a full range of camping and outdoors products, including first aid kits. There are any number of things that can go wrong in the wilderness, from minor irritants like insect bites or poison ivy to more serious medical emergencies. A first aid kit can help you get by until you can get medical attention.

Each kit that we offer is designed for different types of uses. Some are for day hikes, while others are designed for longer trips. The Backpacker kit, for example, contains the minimum required supplies for treating various types of field injuries. It also comes with materials to stop major bleeding. This kit can fit easily within a backpack. Other kits are smaller and can even be clipped onto your belt.

The Outdoor World also carries a number of mosquito repellent and bite relief products. These include tick removers, snake bite kits, and general bite and sting kits. We also carry motion sickness pills, as well as balms that soothe or prevent poison ivy, oak, or sumac outbreaks. You can never be too careful when spending time in the wilderness, and The Outdoor World can help you stay prepared.

Buy Camping First Aid Kits Products