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It’s become second nature: when you get home, you flick your light switch, and there’s instant illumination. When you’re camping, however, this modern convenience is no more: once the sun goes down, so does your light source. Fortunately, The Outdoor World carries a number of camping lanterns and other outdoor lighting options, so you can continue enjoying your camping experience long after the sun has set.

We carry both battery-operated and fuel-operated lanterns. Of these, the battery-operated lanterns generally have a slightly longer burn time. The downside is that when the batteries die, they need to be replaced, and this can become a costly investment if you use your lantern often. A fuel-burning lantern is much easier to refuel when you’re deep in the wilderness. For fuel, you may use either pre-packaged lantern fuel or, in many cases, unleaded gasoline. We carry rechargeable lanterns as well.

When camping, the lanterns themselves are only part of the story. You’ll probably also need some sort of stand or mount so your lantern won’t sit directly on the ground. The Outdoor World carries a couple of options for those concerned with lantern placement. One is a lantern hanger. This may be attached to a tree or pole. If you’re camping someplace without trees, or where the branches impede your ability to attach the hanger, we also carry free-standing tripods and stands.

We offer more accessories for your lanterns as well, including cases and reflectors that allow you to focus the light. We also carry lanterns designed for kids, flashlights (including many popular and durable Maglites), and even candles and candle lanterns. Another option, perfect for hiking, is a head light. This is a flashlight that attaches to your head via a band. These lights allow you to keep your hands free while still illuminating your way.

Buy Camping Lanterns Products