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Modern sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm, while remaining lightweight and easily portable. Whether you use them for hardcore wilderness excursions or a child’s slumber party, the basic utility is the same. At The Outdoor World, we’re a leading supplier of camping and outdoors goods, including a number of different varieties of sleeping bags.

Because sleeping bags are designed to be zipped up, keeping you snug and warm, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why we have both child-sized and adult-sized sleeping bags, some of which can fit a person up to six feet five inches tall. We even have double-sized sleeping bags! Our sleeping bags come rectangle-shaped, modified rectangle-shaped, and mummy-shaped.

A mummy bag tapers at the feet and often unzips only partway, which helps to keep your feet insulated and warm. The reduction in volume and surface area improves heat retention. Also, because a mummy-style sleeping bag doesn’t zip all the way down, not as much heat escapes. Sleeping bags of all types are either synthetic-filled or down-filled. Synthetic-filled bags don’t readily absorb water, dry out quickly, and provide adequate warmth. Down-filled bags are lighter and retain heat better, but they must be kept dry. Likewise, there are cotton and nylon shells and linings. Cotton breathes better, but is heavier, while nylon is lighter and more moisture resistant. A popular compromise is the synthetic-filled sleeping bag with a nylon shell and a cotton lining.

In addition to sleeping bags, we also have bag liners (which help to keep you warmer and will extend the life of the bag) and emergency blankets. And since sleeping on the cold, hard ground can be uncomfortable, we also carry a number of different air beds and air mattresses, as well as sleeping pads, both closed cell foam pads and self-inflating nylon covered open cell foam pads.

Buy Camping Sleeping Bags Products