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For the hunter or gun enthusiast, maintaining his firearms is of the utmost importance. In fact, ask any gun owner to review with you the ins and outs of owning guns, and he will invariably address gun safety and gun maintenance. These are considered invaluable lessons by those well-versed in gun use.

As far as gun safety is concerned, it’s extremely important for gun owners to keep their guns locked up. This way, children can’t accidentally get to them, since many gun accidents end up in tragedy. Taking this precaution is a relatively simple thing to do, and it can save lives.

Gun maintenance, however, is another matter. It isn’t difficult, but it requires the use of certain firearm accessories. The Outdoor World, a longtime leader in hunting and outdoor sports retail, offers a universal gun cleaning kit. With this kit (which can be used on the majority of all shotguns, rifles, and pistols), a gun owner can keep his firearms clean and well-maintained.

This kit includes everything a person needs to keep his gun in good working condition. There are 27 brass rods, brass brushes, and 50 cleaning pads. There are three solid brass rods for shotguns and three more for rifles and/or pistols. There are brass wire brushes to fit a 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 45 caliber, 9mm, and many other calibers of firearm. There are also cloth cleaning swabs, as well as brushes and mops. All 76 pieces of this universal gun cleaning kit come in a real wood storage box. The Outdoor World sells this for only $30, 57 percent below suggested retail.

Buy Firearm Accessories Products