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Fishing lures are named for their ability to attract (or lure) fish. The lure is attached to the end of the line and is slowly pulled through the water (or in some cases along the water’s surface) to attract the fish. As experience fisherman are well aware, there are several types of fishing lures.

Two of the most popular types of fishing lures are the spinning lure and the spoon lure. Rather than resembling food, spinning lures are designed to make noise in order to attract the fish’s attention. The lure is comprised of a metal pin surrounded by a dish. When pulled through the water, the spinning lure makes a whooshing sound, almost like a fan. The lure is weighted so that it will sink underneath the surface of the water. This lure features a three-pronged hook, which is often camouflaged to obscure it from the fish.

Another popular type of lure is the spoon lure. The spoon lure has a concave piece of metal that resembles a spoon (hence the name). This spoon-like piece of metal serves a dual purpose: the first is to make the lure move randomly, which will draw attention to it, and the other is to reflect light, which also attracts the fish.

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Buy Fishing Lures Products