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One of the iconic images of American literature is Tom Sawyer lazing along the Mississippi River, fishing pole in hand. His pole was simple, a long slender stick with a string attached. Since then fishing poles have evolved quite significantly. Now, there are several varieties of fishing poles available, including casting and trolling rods, fly rods, and spinning rods.

Casting and trolling rods are used for freshwater fishing. These rods are usually between seven and 10 feet long. They are used just as their name would suggest: for casting into the water and then slowly reeling back in. Fly rods are long, thin, and flexible. They have fairly wide eyes or guides spaced throughout to help control the relatively thick line used in fly fishing.

Spinning rods are shorter rods, usually between five and seven feet long, although occasionally they will be a little longer. A spinning rod will feature a sliding lock for attaching a reel. These rods are used primarily to catch sport fish, such as bass, pike, and walleye. Spinning rods may also be used for trolling and still fishing. There are also varieties of heavy-duty spinning rods designed for use in big-game or deep-sea fishing.

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Buy Fishing Poles Products