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Fishing poles may be purchased in one of three forms: rods, reels, or rod and reel combos. Of these, the rod and reel combos will be less expensive than buying the rod and reel separately. Sometimes, these combo sets will be significantly less expensive. As such, combo fishing rods make ideal starter rods, since experienced and serious fisherman will most likely wish to buy each component separately.

Whether you purchase the rod and reel separately or as a combo, there are different types of rod and reels to consider for different kinds of fishing. When you buy the combo fishing rod and reel, you can get a rod with a casting reel, fly reel, or spinning reel. Each type of rod and reel is best-suited for a particular type of fishing experience: for example, those who are interested in fly fishing should purchase a fly reel. In many cases, however, a rod and reel for one type of fishing may be used for another type: a fly reel may be used for trolling, for instance.

Fly casting reels are the simplest of the reels, since their primary function is the storing of excess line. Bait casting reels are mechanically complicated and can, under certain circumstances, cause the line to become entangled. Effectively using the bait casting reel requires considerable finesse, so another type of reel was invented, the spinning reel.

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Buy Fishing Rods and Reels Products