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The motto for the United States Postal Service says that “neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night” will prevent the mail from being delivered. However, when compared to the obstacles fishermen will overcome to drop their lines in the water, this is nothing. Take for example ice fishing. This involves cutting a circular hole on a frozen lake and sitting in freezing temperatures in order to catch some fish. Clearly, once fishing is in your blood, even a Minnesota winter can’t keep you away.

To the uninitiated, fishing tackle involves little more than a pole and a hook. A real fisherman, however, has a tackle box chock full of hooks, lures, spare line, and more. The Outdoor World has been a leading retailer of fishing tackle and supplies for over 27 years now. Whatever you need to round out your tackle box–even it that happens to be the tackle box itself–we’ve got you covered.

A tackle box should be easily portable but have ample room within to carry whatever supplies a fisherman may need. Tackle boxes have trays inside with individual compartments to keep the various hooks and lures separate. Tackle boxes should also be heavy-duty enough to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Inside a tackle box, in addition to the lures, hooks, and perhaps even boning knives, you’ll often find other fishing accessories such as extra line. The Outdoor World carries a special green monofilament line that becomes virtually invisible under water. Some fisherman may also have an electronic fish finder, first aid items like aspirin and band-aids, and modern-world conveniences like cell phones in their tackle boxes.

Buy Fishing Tackle Products