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The Outdoor World, long a leading retailer of hunting supplies and accessories, carries a number of knives designed with the hunter and fisherman in mind. These knives are made by Buck Knives, a premier family-owned knife making business now in its fourth generation. Buck hunting knives are built to be sturdy and have been trusted by generations of hunters.

With over 25 hunting knives in stock, The Outdoor World has knives for every situation. Before you buy a knife, there are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself. How will you be using the knife? Will this be an everyday knife (opening boxes, etc.), or will this be solely for field-dressing game? Do you need a saw edge? Do you need a rubber or textured handle for a surer grip (for use in wet conditions)?

Once yoursquo;ve determined exactly what you need, it’s time to choose your hunting knife. The Outdoor World carries fixed-blade knives, folding knives, pocket knives, gut hook knives, and filet knives. Each of these knives is produced with the hunter, fisherman, or outdoor enthusiast in mind. For example, the filet knives all have handles made from materials that don’t get slippery when wet. The blades of these knives are designed to withstand the kind of harsh conditions that hunters and fishermen often face.

In addition to the wide selection of hunting knives, The Outdoor World also carries over 20 varieties of Swiss Army knives. Swiss Army knives make a practical and invaluable addition to any hunting or outdoor excursion, since the numerous blades and tools all fit into a compact space. Whatever type of hunting knife you are looking for, The Outdoor World is sure to have it in stock.

Buy Hunting Knives Products