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DEET Facts from

  • DEET was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1946.
  • DEET has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as an approved active ingredient since 1957.
  • The EPA estimates that more than 38% of the US population uses a DEET-based repellent each year.
  • Worldwide use exceeds 200 million people annually.
  • When applied to skin, DEET volatilizes and forms a vapor barrier around your skin, this barrier block mosquitoes antennae receptors, “Making you Invisible to Bugs!”

The DEET Myth: Higher Concentration means Stronger Protection

  • The higher the percentage of DEET in a product, the LONGER the product repels insects.
  • A high DEET level does NOT mean that it repels bugs BETTER; it means that it repels bugs LONGER.

What DEET Level is Right for You?

Lower Concentration DEET products:

  • 5-10% DEET
  • Appropriate for most situations where outdoor exposure is limited to 2-4 hours or insect infestation is minimal.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that products used on children contain no more than 10% DEET.

Higher Concentration DEET products:

  • 20-100%
  • These products are useful for prolonged exposure to areas of high insect infestation (conditions often encountered by sportsmen). High concentration products are also ideal for people who are more prone to insect bites.
  • Great for hunting, fishing and other longer duration outdoor activities.

Buy Insect Repellent Products