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The first paintball game was played in New Hampshire in 1981. Paintball has since gone on to be an enormously popular sport in the United States. There are a few varieties of paintball games that are played. One is a paintball variation of Capture the Flag. Another is a total elimination game, where the first team that eliminates the opposing team wins. Some people also do recreations of historical battles, such as the Normandy Invasion or the Battle of Stalingrad. Each of these games has various guidelines and rules, but the general goals remain the same regardless.

Paintball places a strong emphasis on safety. Goggles must be worn at all times. If a player’s goggles come off or become dirty or paint-covered, the player announces this and the referee and other players will help the player off the field. Because of this commitment to safety, paintball is actually a safer game than many “traditional” sports, such as football.

The Outdoor World, one of the leading sporting goods stores on the West Coast, has all your paintball needs, from guns to gear. We carry markers, ammo, and accessories for the markers and players alike. Among the markers we offer is the A-5 Power Pack. This pack includes a gun, mask, CO2 tank, cleaning cable, and more.

We also offer paintballs in a number of colors, including white, black, and red. We even have a paintball (non-explosive) grenade that will spray everyone within a 20 foot radius with paint. We carry goggles for the player, and carry cases for the markers.

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